Entrepreneurship will make Africa strong. That is why we create business opportunities for African people. Together with their communities. Everyone has potential. Everybody can!

Good nutrition, education and a future for her children. That is prosperity in the eyes of a Kenyan mother. Afri-Can stimulates this prosperity in  Kenya by engaging individuals and communities. Training them and mobilising their strength. Together we work on transformative solutions for the lives of present and future generations.

Are you active in or familiar with business development, technical education, communication, social entrepreneurship, content management or do you feel you can contribute to our mission in any other way, we’d appreciate you involvement. Do contact us.
You can support us in various different ways, for example with a donation but also with your own fund raiser.
Enthousiastic? Introduce Afri-Can to your CSR colleagues at work, to philanthropists, funding organisations, to local authorities or NGOs.
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